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Hong Kong / Macau investment to Taiwan 

Stress-free lifestyle

Stress-free lifestyle

Well-developed and designed public construction

Leisure activities

Leisure activities

Easy access to hiking, to beach, to cities within island

Fantastic cuisines

Fantastic cuisines

International food choices are available

Adv. medi-tech

Adv. medi-tech

National covered healthcare insurance

Your voices are heard


Taiwanese CPAs and Attorneys who speak Cantonese are here to serve you, providing free consultation hours just by making an appointment online.


We also provide one-stop services, including pre-counseling, application, document preparation, company setup registration, bank account opening, tax planning, accounting, secretarial services, financial advices etc ...

Four simple steps for investment application


Early consultation


Company scale and nature

Business item discussion

Tax, law and regulations

Labor law and insurance

Working & staying in Taiwan

Application Procedure 

Quotation & Contract Preparation


submit application


Collection of supporting documents

Investment document preparation

Company Name pre-investigation

Prepare and file an application with the MOEAIC

Open a bank account

Remittance of funds

Capital verification and approval


Company Registration



Auditing and certification of financial statements

Company establishment

Tax & invoice application

Grand opening supports


Startup Business


Accounting and tax reporting

Personal tax declaration

Taiwan Health Insurance Application

Residence / citizenship application

Secretary Service


Staying in Taiwan is the best choice, Why?

Stress-free lifestyle, democratic political system, diversify exotic cuisine, advanced medical care system, well-developed hi-tech industry...making your life easier. 

Free Consultation

Please make a legal and financial counseling appointment, and it will be taken care very soon.